We have complied our most frequently asked questions here! Please reach out to our director with any addition questions.

What is the Learn to Skate Program?

The Learn to Skate USA Program is a beginning ice-skating program created by the United States Figure Skating Association to serve the needs of many different types of skaters. We cater to brand new and beginning skaters, beginning or advancing hockey players, adults, and recreational and competitive skaters.

The Helena Figure Skating Club offers several Learn to Skate sessions per season. We welcome new sign-ups at the start of each session.

When are Learn to Skate Classes Held?

Learn to Skate classes are held on Sunday afternoons throughout the skating season. Classes run from 12:50PM-1:50PM throughout the 2019-2020 season. Season schedule available here http://www.helenafigureskating.club/class-schedule.

What Ages and Levels Can Participate in Learn to Skate?

The Learn to Skate program is designed to engage skaters ages 4 through adult, at any level. Skates are placed in the appropriate level based on their age and skill level assessments from our Learn to Skate Director and experienced staff. Whether you have never stepped on the ice, or are looking to advance your skating skills, we have a class for you.

How do I Sign Up for Learn to Skate Classes?

The easiest option is to visit our online store at http://www.helenafigureskating.club/new-products. Please select your package and follow the prompts to register and pay. Online registration closes each at 11:59Pm the Thursday before the start of each new session. Specific deadline dates on listed on the session calendar.

If you cannot register online we offer in-person registration the Sunday before a new session begins from 1-2pm.

We do not offer same day registration for Learn to Skate classes.

What is the difference in package prices?

The Non- Helena Figure Skating Club member rate is recommended for skaters in their first or second year of Learn to Skate lessons. The benefits of group lessons are vast for early skater development. Skaters learn the essential building blocks needed to advance in the sport.

Helena Figure Skating Club member rate is offered to members of HFSC participating in Learn to Skate lessons. Usually these skaters are more advanced and are needing access to more weekly practice sessions to master their skills. HFSC membership rates are $35 for the first year (introductory membership) and $70 for renewal memberships.

HFSC membership http://www.helenafigureskating.club/membership

Please call 406-461-5327 with additional registration/membership questions.

What Should We Expect at Our First Learn to Skate Class?

Please arrive early to allow enough time to register and put on skates. Visit our equipment page for more information on what to wear and how to make sure your skates fit properly. Your skater will be placed in a class based on age and ability. Their initial placement may change after instructors assess their abilities on ice. Skaters will participate in a 20-minute group lesson, and will have 40 minutes of supervised on-ice practice time. Our 20/40 lesson versus practice ratio is part of our 2:1 development plan. Skaters show great success and skill improvement when they practice twice as long as they are in lesson on a weekly basis. 

Skating is all about the building on the basics. Some skaters might find the first day to be paced a little slow. Our instructors will reassure them that the basics are important for advancement and safety. The fun stuff will come quickly! We promise! And the more skaters practice the sooner they will get to learn new things!

What happens if…?

Classes fill up? We do have cap sizes for each skill level and age group with the beginner class being the smallest. If we hit our cap skaters will be registered on a first come first serve basis (so register early). Skaters who fall outside of the cap will be able to register early for our next session of lessons.

My skater can’t make it though the first lesson? Every now and then skaters are just not quite ready to hit the ice. Sometimes skaters get too cold or aren’t ready at their current age. We are happy to offer a partial refund of $34 (lesson fee minus the fee of the first class and the cost of the membership fee* if it’s the skaters first time). *Each skater must be registered with LTS USA to be compliant with our governing body and sports safety and insurance.

They fall in love with skating? We offer private lessons to skaters wanting to progress more quickly and follow the avenue of competitive skating. Your LTS instructors can help you talk to a private coach or ask at the registration table.

Our schedule conflicts with the Learn to Skate schedule? Please contact us if you have concerns about the schedule. We do recommend that skaters can participate in at least 3/4 lessons in each session to keep up with the group and to get the most out of their skating. If you’re going to miss two or more sessions we recommend registering for a session that better meets your family’s schedule.